5th Grade

Teaching Activities

Adapting to the Land: lesson plan, from Education Place (TEKS: Geography 8A&B)
American Civil War Music: collection of songs with accompanying videos, from Bing Videos (TEKS: Culture 21A)
American Revolution Music: collection of songs with accompanying videos, including Yankee Doodle, from Bing Videos (TEKS: Culture 21A)
American Patriotic Music: songs with accompanying videos, wide variety available including God Bless the U.S.A., from Bing Videos (TEKS: Culture 21A)
Buying Center: provides an opportunity for students to buy and sell items, grades 3-6
Caesar Chavez: lesson plan, from Brainpop Educators, grades 3-8
Cesar Chavez: lesson plan, students learn the difference a single person can make, from HotChalk (TEKS: History 5C)
Columbus Day: lesson plan, from HotChalk (TEKS: Citizenship 17D)
Geonet Geography Game: students can answer questions about the geography of various regions of the U.S.
I Am In A Pickle: relates opportunity cost to non-economic issues, grades 3-6
International Pencil:
illustrates mass production, specialization, and division of labor (TEKS: Economics 13D)
Mapping History: from University of Oregon
The Kingdom of Throwaway: illustrates how much Americans throw away daily, grades 3-6
Oh America: sung by Celtic Women, from You Tube
Opportunity Cost Poem: the class writes a poem in economic terms, grades 3-6
Opportunity Cost: explains why there is a cost to economic decisions, grades 3-6
Oregon Trail: links to information about the Oregon Trail
Preamble of the Constitution: lesson plan, from The Heritage Foundation(TEKS: Government 15B)
Remember the Raisin Adventure: lesson plan, War of 1812, National Park Service
War of 1812 Music: songs with accompanying videos, from Bing Videos (TEKS: Culture 21A)
The White House for Kids: learn about the George Bush White House in Washington, D.C.

Web Resources

The Abiocor Artificial Heart: from Time magazine’s 2001 inventions of the year (TEKS: Science 23C)
American Beginnings: the European presence in North America 1492-1690, from National Humanities Center (TEKS: History 1A)
American Progress: 1872, painting by John Gast, from Picturing U.S. History (TEKS: Culture 21A)
Checks and Balances: from Ducksters (TEKS: Government 16B)
Civil War: Comprehensive website with timeline, characters, and battles (TEKS: History 4E)
Civil War: glass negatives and related prints, from Library of Congress (TEKS: History 4E)
Climate Change: from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (TEKS: Science 24D)
Colonial America: from Land of the Brave (TEKS: History 1A)
Compare States: from StateMaster.com
Contact elected officials: President, US Senators & Representative, Governors, and State Legislators, from USA.gov
Documents: links to documents included in TEKS
Eli Whitney’s Patent for the Cotton Gin: Teaching with Documents, from National Archives (TEKS: History 4B&F)
ePals: e-mail classroom exchange
Federalism: powers of national and state governments, from about news (TEKS: Government 16C)
Federalism: powers of national and state governments, flash cards from Quizlet (TEKS: Government 16C)
Founding Fathers: political leaders, from abut education (TEKS: 19A)
Geographic Tools: links to tools in TEKS: Geography 6A
Google Earth: explore, search, and discover, from Google
Grand Canyon: virtual field trip, from National Park Service
Historic Events: links to events included in TEKS
Holidays: links to holidays (TEKS: Citizenship 17D)
Holidays in US: information on America’s holidays, from timeanddate (TEKS: Citizenship 17D)
House of Representatives: Congress
Your Representative: determine who represents you in Congress
House of Representatives: Texas House of Representatives
Your Representative: determine who represents you in the Texas House
Invention of the Internet: from The Great Idea Finder:  (TEKS: Economics 13E and Science 23C)
Kids’ House: learn about state government, from Texas House of Representatives
Landmarks: links to landmarks (TEKS: Citizenship 17E)
Land Use: how America uses its land
Bloomberg: by David Merrill and Lauren Leatherby
Lewis and Clark: the Ultimate Adventure, from Time (TEKS: History 4D)
Maps: links to maps related to topics covered in TEKS
The Middle Colonies: Who settled them, and why, as well as major industries in the Middle colonies, from U.S. History.org (TEKS: Economics 10A&B, 11A&B)
Millennium: a CNN Perspectives Series
Money Around the World: from Payoff Pilot
Peoplelinks to people included in the TEKS
Senate: Congress
Your Senators: determine who represents you in the U.S. Senate
Senate: Texas Senate
Your Senator: determine who represents you in the Texas Senate
The New England Colonies: Who settled them, and why, as well as major industries in the New England colonies, from U.S. History (TEKS: Economics 10B, and 11A&B)
Origins of the U.S. Navy: from History Central (TEKS: History 2C)
Outline of the Civil War: from Great American History  (TEKS: History 4E)
Paul Revere’s Ride: poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, from Iowa state University (TEKS: Culture 21A)
Political Party Symbols: from Fact Monster (TEKS: Citizenship 17A)
Political Party Symbols: from History (TEKS: Citizenship 17A)
Railroads (TEKS : Science, technology, and society 23:C)
The Revolutionary Period: Video clip on the American Revolutionary Era (1764-1789), from America’s Story (TEKS: History 2A)
Three Branches of Government: from Ben’s Guide (TEKS: Government 16A)
Three Branches of Government: from Ducksters (TEKS: Government 16A)
Trade in the Colonies: from Land of the Brave
The Southern Colonies: Who settled them, and why, as well as major industries in the Southern colonies, from U.S. History (TEKS: Economics 10B, and 11A&B)
Star-Spangled Banner: Everything you ever wanted to know, from The Flag Pole (TEKS: Citizenship 17B)
Star-Spangled Banner: lyrics and audio clip, from U.S. Army (TEKS: Citizenship 17B)
Territorial Expansion: Maps and timeline from InfoPlease (TEKS: History 4C)
Thomas Edison’s Home Page (TEKS: Science, technology, and society 23A)
Timeline of Events leading to the American Revolution, from Home of Heroes (TEKS: History 2B)
The Transcontinental Railroad: from PBS (TEKS: Science 23B)
Uncle Sam: from encyclopedia Britannica (TEKS: Citizenship 17A)
Uncle Sam: from History (TEKS: Citizenship 17A)
The US Constitution: Table of articles and amendments, from Legal Information Institute, Cornell University (TEKS: History 3A)