6th Grade

General Topics 
Capitalism, Communism, and Socialism:
a cartoon comparison
Cost of living comparisons: worldwide using Big Macs
Dress Up: interactive, clothing Americans have worn throughout our nation’s history, from Memorial Hall Museum
European Forts and Trading Posts: in Africa, images, from The Atlantic Slave Trade
Foundations of Free Enterprise: a comparison of economic systems
Google Earth: explore, search, and discover, from Google
Private Rights to Property: The Foundation of Freedom, Prosperity, and Harmony, by John Allen

Teaching Activities
Buying Center: provides an opportunity for students to buy and sell items, grades 3-6
European Union: Has Europe United, lesson plan, from Texas Council of the Social Studies (TEKS:Culture 17D&E)
Geonet Geography Game: students can answer questions about the geography of various regions of the U.S.
I Am In A Pickle: relates opportunity cost to non-economic issues, grades 3-6
International Pencil: illustrates the interdependence of the global village
The Kingdom of Throwaway: illustrates how much Americans throw away daily, grades 3-6
Lesson Plans:
Architecture of the world: from teAchnology (TEKS: Culture 18A)
European Union: Has Europe United?, Mini-DBQ Lesson Plan, from The Social Studies Texan (TEKS: Culture 17B, Social Studies Skills 21D)
Geographic Factors: on population, from National Geographic (TEKS: Geography 3B and 4B&C)
– Latitude and Longitude: from iInternet4Classrooms (TEKS: Geography 4A)
Latitude and Longitude: from Mr. Don (TEKS: Geography 4A)
Multiculturalism: from Mr. Don (TEKS: Culture 15A,B,C,D,&E)
Types of Economic Systems: from Tech Smart Teachers (TEKS: Economics 9B, Science 20B)
Opportunity Cost: explains why there is a cost to economic decisions, grades 3-6
Multiculturalism: 3 activities, from Start-at-Zero (TEKS: Culture 15A,B,C,D,&E)
Opportunity Cost Poem: the class writes a poem in economic terms, grades 3-6

Web Resources
Ancient Greek Culture: its influence on contemporary society, from Athens University (TEKS: History 2A)
Borders: real or artificial line, from National Geographic (TEKS: Geography 5B)
: physical and political boundaries, from National Geographic (TEKS: Geography 5B)
Catholicism in Latin America: a Brief History, from the Trumpet (TEKS: History 1A)
Cell Phone: is Changing the World, from Newsweek (TEKS: Culture 17B&C)
Christian persecution: abuse around the world, from CNN (TEKS: Government 11D)
Christmas: (TEKS: Culture 19B)
Citizenship: Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities, from studyzone (TEKS: Citizenship 13A&B)
Citizenship: Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities, slideshow,from slideshare (TEKS: Citizenship 13A&B)
Comparing Countries: click on Economy, data from World Factbook (TEKS: Economics 10B)
Comparing Economic Systems: from US History (TEKS: Economics 9A&B)
Comparing Economic Systems: Performance Criteria, from Foundations of Free Enterprise (TEKS: Economics 9A&B)
Culture: A Geographical Perspective. from New York State Education Department (TEKS: Culture 15A&B)
Cultural Clashes: 8 conflicts (TEKS: Culture 15F)
Cultural Conflicts: examples (TEKS: Culture 15F)
Cultural Diffusion: examples, from Your Dictionary (TEKS: Culture 17D&E)
Cultural Diffusion:
Differences between: limited and unlimited government, scroll down to part B, from Center for Civic Education (TEKS: Government 11A&B&C)
Early 20th Century: transportation, communication, electrification (TEKS: Culture 17D)
Factors of Production: slideshow, from in (TEKS: Economics 8A)
The Galileo Project: information on the life and work of Galileo Galilei (TEKS: Science 20A 15C&D)
Geographical Perspective: from New York State Education Department (TEKS: Culture 17D)
Germans: in Texas: see the influence of Germany culture in Texas, from Texas Historical Association (TEKS: Culture 15C&D)
German Texans: from Texas Almanac (TEKS: Culture 15C&D)
Group Cooperation: varies between cultures, from Research Digest (TEKS: Culture 15F)
Impact of American Revolution: on French Revolution, from Maps of World (TEKS: History 2A)
Jonas Salk and the polio vaccine: (TEKS: Science 6.20A)
Kids’ House: learn about state government, from Texas House of Representatives
Louis Pasteur: from bio(TEKS: Science 20A)
Medical Geography: from about education (TEKS: Geography 3D)
Modern Architecture: with Greek Influence, from Greek Gateway (TEKS: Culture 18B)
Modern Pyramid Architecture: 22 examples, from Trendhunter (TEKS: Culture 18B)
Population Distribution: from internetgeography (TEKS: Geography 3D)
Population Pyramids: by country or region, from U.S. Census Bureau (TEKS: Geography 3D)
Texans One and All: different nationalities in Texas, from the Institute of Texan Cultures (TEKS: Culture 15B&C)
Texas mayors: want wider Rio Grande, from Reuters (TEKS: Geography 5B)
The Jewish Holiday of Yom Kippur: (TEKS: Culture 19B)
The Jewish Holiday of Rosh Hashanah: (TEKS: Culture 19B)
The Story of Easter: (TEKS: Culture 19B)