7th Grade: Lesson Plans

Commemorative Map: of Texas Geography
Grade 7: from Texas State Historical Association
Los Tejanos: classroom resources and activities, from Institute of Texan Cultures
– Activism and Change: a Look at Emma Tenayuca and Other Influential Activists
– A Plaza in Texas: in the 1930’s
– The Ranching Experience 
Materials for Educators: from Texas Historical Commission
San Antonio Missions: Spanish influence in Texas, from National Park Services – Texas General
Teaching Texas
Teaching with Stuff: using Primary and Secondary Sources, from Institute of Texan Cultures
Artifacts: in the Classroom
Images: in the Classroom
Oral Histories: in the Classroom
Social Studies Special Topics: from Institute of Texan Cultures
– Flags of Texas Settlers: 24 flags of nations representing Texas’ earliest settlement groups
– Indivisible: African-Native American Lives in the Americas
– Send in the Cavalry: Conflict on the Texas Frontier
Teaching: Outside the Classroom, Growing Texas
– Teaching: with Primary Sources, Vote!
Texans: A Story of Texan Cultures for Young People, scroll down to Teacher’s Guide and Student Edition for each country, from Institute of Texan Cultures
Texans One and All: text about 26 settlement groups with corresponding student activities,       from Institute of Texan Cultures
Texas Almanac: covers wide variety of topics, from Texas State Historical Association
Texas General Land Office: with relevant TEKS references
The Great Military: Map of Texas, from Texas General Land Office
Why We Came: The Immigration Experience, Educator Guides, from Institute of Texan Cultures
– Part I: background information about immigration
– Part II: shows how to use oral histories in the classroom
–     Collection: of Oral Histories
– Part III: opportunity to research pros and cons of immigration