Teaching Activities:

The American Flag: students can create and identify the American flag and tell what the 50 stars and 13 stripes represent
The Texas Flag Coloring Sheet with facts TEKS Citizenship K.10A
Election Activities ideas for lessons TEKS Citizenship K.10A
Houses and Homes: Students can compare and contrast their homes with those of other students as well as those from other countries TEKS: Geography K.5B
Maps as Pictures of the Earth: students can locate land and water on a globe and map TEKS: Geography K.5A
Wants and Needs: students can identify and differentiate between wants and needs TEKS: Economics K.6A

Lesson plans for Kindergarten TEKS History K.1 A, 2A

Columbus Day Lessons and Teacher Resources TEKS History K.2A
Weather lesson plan ideas TEKS Geography K.5A
Kindergarten Weather
Weather Watchers
George Washington Lesson Plan TEKS History K.2, K2A, 2B Social Studies Skills K.14, K.14B, K.15, K.15A
George Washington and Stephen F. Austin Comparison lesson  TEKS History K.2A
Free download: Comparing George Washington and Stephen F. Austin mini-unit  TEKS K.2A
Independence Day TEKS History K.1A, 1b
HotChalk lesson plan and resources
NEA lesson plan
Stop! Why Do We Have Rules? TEKS Government K.8A, 8B
Why Do We Need Rules? TEKS Government K.8A, 8B
Work Unit TEKS Economics K.7A, 7B
Mail, Maps and Where I Live – Activities using maps
TEKS Geography K .4A, 4B, 4C, 5A, 5B  Social Studies Skills K .15A, 15B, 16A, 16B

Veterans Day Word Search

Web Resources:
George Washington: Biography of the nation’s first president TEKS: History K.2A
Google Earth: explore, search, and discover, from Google
Independence Day TEKS History K.1A, 1b
HotChalk lesson plan and resources
Pioneer Life in America: students can discover what life was like during America’s early days
Pledge of Allegiance: history, words, and explanation of the Pledge of Allegiance TEKS: Citizenship K.10B
Stephen F. Austin: from the Handbook of Texas Online TEKS: History K.2A
Texas Flags and other Symbols TEKS: Citizenship K.10A
Understanding Climates: from TEKS: Geography K.5A

Picture Books
Picture Books about Presidents and Elections TEKS Citizenship K.10A
Picture Books about America  TEKS History K1A, 1B Culture 11.A, 12A, 12B
Picture Books about Multiculturalism TEKS Culture K 11.A, 11B, 12A, 12B