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Countries beginning with A

John Adams
–  Africa: on SAGE web site
–  Africa: country puzzle, from Puzzle Choice
–  Africa Wonders of the World
–  African American History
–  African American History 1920’s
Ancient Egypt
–  Antarctica: Virtual Tour
  Arctic/tundra: from ABC Teach
–  Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Archaeology: from Archaeological Institute of America
–  Interactive Digs
–  Asia Society Kids: K-12 educational resources from the Asia Society
–  Asia: on SAGE web site
–  Asia Profiles: geographic, demographic and economic current events of Asian countries
–  Asia Today: sources of current news, the Asia Society
–  Asiaweek: archive of weekly magazines, 1997-2000
Aurora Borealis FAQ: from University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute