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Tax Freedom Day
Tax Story: illustrates tax cuts under progressive income tax system
Tax Freedom Day 2015: from Tax Foundation
Income and Tax Data: from CNN Money
Texas Taxes: from Comptroller of Texas
Teaching with Historic Places: classroom-ready lesson plans, from National Register of Historic Places, National Parks Service
Terrorism Around the World: covers wide variety of terrorism related topics, from Infoplease
Texas: lesson plans and activities from Texas Parks and Wildlife
Texas Online: variety on topics about state government
Thematic Maps
Thanksgiving: from the History Channel
Thanksgiving Activities: from Scholastic
This Day in History: Library of Congress
Daylight Saving Time: from webexhibit
Official U.S. Time: click appropriate time zone, from NIST
Time Magazine: on-line
Time for Kids: from Time magazine
TIME 100 Leaders and Revolutionaries: from Time magazine
Transcontinental Railroad:  from History
Tree Octopus: help save an endangered species, from Lyle Zapato
TSSSA: 2016 Spring Conference, SAGE presentation by Dr. Wolken
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Turkey: from World Factbook
Turkish news: Reuters
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