8th Grade

17th Century: from Eyewitness to History
Aboard the Mayflower: 1620, from Eyewitness to History
Captain John Smith: 1608, from Eyewitness to History
Living Among the Mohawks: 1644, from Eyewitness to History
Salem Witch Trials: 1692,
18th Century: from Eyewitness to History
Battle at Lexington Green: 1775
Battle at Lexington Green: 1775, the British perspective
Captured by Indians: 1755
Daniel Boone Opens Up the West: 1769-71
Slave Trade: the African Connection, 1788
Writing the Declaration of Independence: 1776
19th Century: from Eyewitness to History
Andrew Carnegie Becomes a Capitalist: 1856
Duel at Dawn: 1804
Escape From Slavery: 1838
Portrait of America: 1830
Traveling the National Railroad: 1833
Washington D.C.: 1800
Abolitionism: from a four part PBS program on slavery
Activities: from the National Archives
African Americans: in the American Revolution, lesson plan, from National Park Services
African-American Heritage: from National Park Services
African Americans: in Early Rural New England, from Memorial Hall Museum
American Centuries: view from New England, from Memorial Hall Museum
American Acquisition and Migration: 1803-1890, from Frontiers by Library of Congress
American Originals: collection of documents related to historical events, National Archives and Records Administration
American Originals II: additional documents categorized by historical period, National Archives and Records Administration
American Revolution: from Mapping History, the University of  Oregon
American Revolution in Global Context: 15 Minute History, from The University of Texas at Austin
– Part 1: episode 32
Part 2: episode 33
Are We Running Out of Everything?: from Texas A&M University
Bill of Rights: information provided by the National Archives and Records Administration
Budget: taxing and spending decisions,
– National Debt: 1791-1849, 1850-1899 , from Treasury Dept
Civil War
Civil War and Reconstruction: 1850-1877, activities from National Archives
Colonial America: includes lesson plans and DBQs, from Smithsonian Source
Columbus and the Age of Discovery: Library of Congress 1492 Expo
Columbus Navigation Homepage: examines the history, navigation, and landfall of Christopher Columbus, from Columbuslandfall
Constitution of the United States: information provided by the National Archives and Records Administration
A More Perfect Union: The Creation of the U.S. Constitution, article by Roger A. Bruns
Constitution in Action: Article II, activity
Founding Fathers: delegates to the Constitutional Convention
Questions and Answers: pertaining to the Constitution
Constitutionalism: from Mapping History
Declaration of Independence: provided by the National Archives and Records Administration
Development of Native American Culture: to 1500, from Mapping History
Dress Up: interactive, clothing Americans have worn throughout our nation’s history, from Memorial Hall Museum
Eli Whitney: and the cotton gin, from National Archives
Energy Crisis: Are We Running Out of Everything?: from Texas A&M University
Early American Paintings: from Worchester Art Museum
Expansion: U.S. boundary changes 1820-1849, from theusaonline
Expansion and Reform: 1801-1861, activities from National Archives
European Exploration and Early Settlement: 1492-1700, from Mapping History
Federalist Papers: from The Library of Congress
French Explorers: covers 1534-1739, from Museum of New France
Foundations of Free Enterprise: basic characteristics of traditional, command, market, and socialistic economies
Founding Fathers: biographical sketches of the 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention, from National Archives and Records Administration
Gadsden Purchase: and Proposed Rail Routes 1853, from Mapping History
Great Awakening: the Beginnings of Revolutionary Thinking, from U.S. History
Henry Bessemer: and the Bessemer Process, from About.com
Historical Documents: and speeches, before 1400 to 2001, from American History
Historical Highlights: 1492-1806 eyewitness accounts, from American Journeys
History Channel
House of Representatives Historical Information: wide variety of information, Office of the Clerk of the House
Immigration: 1830-2015 as tree rings, animated, from Visual Capitalist
Indian Nations vs. Settlers: on the American Frontier, 1786-1788, from National Archives
Inflation Rates: in U.S. 1775-2014, in Britain 1265-2014, from Measuring Worth
Purchasing Power: British Pound, 1270to present,  from Measuring Worth
Purchasing Power: U.S. dollar, from 1774 to present,  from Measuring Worth
Relative Cost: of one unit of unskilled labor, from 1774 to present, from Measuring Worth
Irish Americans: history of Irish immigration to U.S., from Every Culture
Kids’ House: learn about state government, from Texas House of Representatives
Lesson plans: from Mr. Donn
Lewis and Clark Journeys: 1804-1806, from Mapping History
Louisiana Purchase: from Monticello the Home of Thomas Jefferson
Memorial Hall Museum: American Centuries, view from New England
Millennium: a CNN Perspectives Series
Miscellaneous Occupations and Economic Activities: images, from University of Virginia
National History Day: non-profit program promoting the study of history
Native American Tribes: 1783, from Mapping History
Newspapers: brief history and links to additional information, from Phil Barber
On This Day: The New York Times
Oregon Country: 1843-1848
Oregon Trail
People, Place, and Events: in New England, from Memorial Hall Museum
Places Where Women Made History: from National Park Service
Equal Rights
List of Places: in New York and Massachusetts
Women’s Rights
Women’s History Lesson Plans
Pilgrim Biographies: from Society of Mayflower Descendants
Political Revolution: of the 1850s, from Mapping History
Population and Diversity in America: the Colonial Period, from Mapping History
Presidents of the United States: Washington to Trump, from White House web site
Past First Ladies
Prequel to Independence: activity, from National Archives
Pueblo Tribe: from Ducksters
Reconstruction: the Second Civil War, from PBS
Religion: and the Founding of the American Republic, from Library of Congress
Revolution to Reconstruction
Revolutionary War Timeline: from National Park Service
Battle of Moores Creek Bridge
Revolutionary People
Teaching Resources
Road to Revolution: Patriotism or Treason?, activity, from National Archives
Royal Proclamation of 1763: episode 39 of 15 Minute History, form The University of Texas at Austin
Second Bank of the United States: from History Central
The Spread of Cotton: and of Slavery 1790-1860, from Mapping History
State and National Banking Eras: from The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia 
Struggle for Colonial Control: of North America 1689-1763, from Mapping History
Teaching with Historic Places: classroom-ready lesson plans, from National Register of Historic Places, National Parks Service
Era 1: Three Worlds Meet, beginning to 1620
Era 2: Colonization and Settlement (1585-1763)
Era 3: Revolution and the New Nation (1754-1820s)
Era 4: Expansion and Reform (1801-1861)
Era 5: Civil War and Reconstruction (1850-1877)
Spanish Treasure Fleets: of 1715 and 1733, lesson plan, from NPS
Belle: flagship of French explorer La Salle
Caddo Peoples: native people encountered by French and Spanish explorers
Declaration of Secession
Fort St. Louis: built in 1685 by French explorer La Salle
Lake Jackson Plantation: sugar refinery built in 1844
Texas: 1836, from Mapping History
This Day in Civil War History: from Civil War Trust
This Day in History: Library of Congress
Time Line of the Civil War: civil war glass negatives and related prints, from Library of Congress
Timeline: African Slave Trade & European Imperialism, from Central Oregon Community College Timelines: U.S. History, from factmonster
Treasures of Congress: exhibits of documents from a variety of historical events, National Archives and Records Administration
Tactics: in the Battle of Kings Mountain during American Revolution, lesson plan, from National Park Service
Tariffs, Blockades, and Inflation: The Economics of the Civil War, from Economic History Services
Teaching with Historic Places: classroom-ready lesson plans, from National Register of Historic Places, National Parks Service
Treasures of the Nation: images, from National Park Service
Territory ceded by Spain: 1810-1819, from Mapping History
Territorial Expansion: of the United States 1783-1853, from Mapping History
Visual Culture in Spanish America: 1520-1820, includes gallery of color images, from Vistas
The War of 1812: from Mapping History
Two Centuries of US Immigration: animated map, from Metrocosm
Who Is That?: identify Presidents from portraits and clues, from Family Education Network
Women’s Clothing: from 1700, from Memorial Hall Museum