8th Grade History: Jamestown

Arms and Armor: from Jamestown Rediscovery
Artifacts 1: includes rotating images, from Virtual Jamestown
Artifacts 2: ceramics, coins, tools and more, from Jamestown Rediscovery
Captain John Smith: leader and explorer, from Jamestown Rediscovery
Exploration: expeditions of Captain John Smith, from Virtual Jamestown
First Hand Accounts & Letters: from Virtual Jamestown
Food: what did the colonists eat?
History of Jamestown
James Fort: archeological excavation site
Jamestown Colony Videos: from History
Jamestown: Online Adventure, from History Globe
Jamestown Rediscovery: home page
John Rolfe: planted the first tobacco seeds
Labor Contracts
Lesson Plans: from Jamestown Rediscovery
Lessons: teaching scenarios using Virtual Jamestown
John Smith’s Voyages of Exploration: interactive
Map of Discoveries: interactive, from Jamestown Rediscovery
Original maps
Other maps
Settlement Map: patterns of settlement
Original Settlers: names and occupations
Panoramas: inside and outside of James Fort
Pocahontas: young Indian Princess, from Jamestown Rediscovery
Public Records: censuses, state papers, laws, Virginia Co. records, Christ’s hospital records
Survival: survival cannibalism, from Science Daily
Test: take a quiz about Jamestown
Timeline: 1602-1625,from Jamestown Rediscovery
Timeline: 1606-1700, from Jamestowne Society
Trade: with the Powhatan Indians, from Virtual Jamestown
Virginia Company
Virtual Jameston: index of this extensive web site