8th Grade History: Slavery

Abolition: from Library of Congress
Advertisements: over 4,000 ads for runaway slaves and indentured servants, from University of Virginia
Africa Enslaved: Comparative Slave Systems Outside the United States, from U. Texas
America’s Journey through Slavery: from PBS
Booker T. Washington: from History
Born in Slavery: slave narratives, from Library of Congress
Civil War: contraband of war, emancipation proclamation, itc, from Library of Congress
Compromises Over Slavery: from Mapping History
Frederick Douglas Papers: 1841-1964, Library of Congress
Free Blacks: in antebellum period, from Library of Congress
Freedom Just Around the Corner: black America from civil war to civil rights, from Smithsonian
From Slavery to Freedom: pamphlet collection, 1824-1909, Library of Congress
Geography of Slavery in Virginia: advertisements, documents, explanatory essays, and personal profiles, from University of Virginia
George Washington Carver: from National Park Services
Glossary: terms used in runaway advertisements, from the University of Virginia
Learning about Slavery: at Mount Welby, lesson plan, from National Park Services
Pictures: from the Digital Media Lab at the University of Virginia Library
New World Agriculture: sugar mills, cotton gins, etc
Physical punishment: rebellion, running away
Plantation scenes: images of slave settlements and houses, from the University of Virginia
Portraits and illustrations: of individuals
Pre-Colonial Africa: villages, tribes, and individuals
Recreational activities: music and dance
Slave sales and auctions: African coast and the Americas, images from the University of Virginia
Slave ships and Atlantic Crossing: from the University of Virginia
Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Americas: explore the collection, from the University of Virginia
Reconstruction: and its aftermath, from Library of Congress
Remembering Slavery: listen to reenactments of slave narratives, from Smithsonian Inst.
Slaves and the Courts: 1740-1860, pamphlets and books, Library of Congress
Slave Route: map of slave trade, from UNESCO
Slavery and Making of America: from PBS
Slavery in America: from the History Channel
Slavery in America Timeline: from infoplease
Slavery: from Scholastic
Slavery Remembered: from Smithsonian Institute
Slavery/Abolition: solve the mystery in the fewest clues, from Scholastic
Status of Slavery in Original 13 States: from Mapping History
Slavery: in New York, from New-York Historical Society
The Peculiar Institution: Atlantic slave trade, liberation strategies, Library of Congress
Timeline: African Slave Trade & European Imperialism, from Central Oregon Community College
Underground Railroad: from National Parks Service
Civil War
Early Antislavery
List of Sites
Operating the Underground Railroad
Slave Trade