1st Grade

Classroom Activities:
Alexander Graham Bell: the inventor (TEKS: History 2.B)
Alexander: Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday, from EconEdLink
The American Flag: lesson plan on American flag and its symbols, from HotChalk (TEKS: Citizenship 14.A)
Ben Franklin: quick biography, from US History (TEKS: Citizenship 13.B)
Build Your Community: from econedlink
Communities: What They Provide Us, from econedlink
Compass Tag: students use the cardinal directions to locate objects around the classroom, from Education Place (TEKS: Geography 4.A&B)
Costs and Benefits: of Three Little Pigs, from econedlink
Country Mouse Makes a Decision: from econedlink
Create an Edible Map: from CanTeach (TEKS: Geography 5.A)
Create a Timeline: Students map the events of the year on a timeline, from Education Place (TEKS: History 3.C)
Constitution Day: grade level Lesson Plans, from Center for Civic Education (TEKS Citizenship 1.4F)
Difference Between Goods and Services: from econedlink
Eleanor Roosevelt: lesson plan, from George Washington University (TEKS: Citizenship 13.B)
Every Penny Counts: from econedlink
Find Captain Hook’s Treasure: map Lesson Plan, from HotChalk (TEKS: Geography 4.A&B)
Francis Scott Key: from bio (TEKS: Citizenship 13.B)
Garrett Morgan: from bio (TEKS: History 2.B)
Goods and Services: drag & drop puzzle to work on a computer, from econedlink
Independence Day: drag & drop puzzle to work on a computer, from PrimaryGames (TEKS History 1.A)
Houses vs. Homes: Students can compare and contrast their homes with those of other students as well as those from other countries, from HotChalk (TEKS: Geography 6.C)
Kids’ House: learn about state government, from Texas House of Representatives (12.B)
Little Piggybank Went to Market: from econedlink
Location: Position on the Earth’s Surface, from USGA
Mapping the school: from CanTeach (TEKS: Geography 5.A)
Maps as Pictures of the Earth: students can locate land and water on a globe and map, from HotChalk (TEKS: Geography 5.A & B, 6.A)
Neighborhood Map Lesson: from National Geographic (TEKS: Geography 5.A)
No Room for a Sneeze: scarcity and standard of living, from econedlink
Richard Allen: from bio (TEKS: History 2.B)
Sam Houston: from Lone Star Internet (TEKS: History 2.A)
Scarcity and Resources: from econedlink
Simple Simon Meets a Producer: from econedlink
Some are Private, Some are Not: goods and services, from National Council for Economic Education (TEKS: Economics 8.A & B)
Stop! Why Do We Have Rules?: from Bright Hub Education (TEKS: Government 11.A &B)
That’s Not Fair: How do We Share, from econedlink
Thomas Edison Lesson Plan Ideas: from NEA, (TEKS: History 2.B)
US Symbols Match Game: from PrimaryGames (TEKS: Citizenship 14.A)
Veterans Day word search template: from DLTK (TEKS: History 1.A)
Wants and Needs: students can identify and differentiate between wants and needs, from HotChalk (TEKS: Economics 7.A & B, 9A & B)
We Are Consumers and Producers: from econedlink

Web Resources:
Abraham Lincoln: from Enchanted Learning (TEKS: History 2.A)
Aesop’s Fables: online collection (TEKS: Culture 1.15B)
A Capitol Fourth: the history of the 4th of July, from PBS (TEKS: History 1.A)
ePals: e-mail classroom exchange (TEKS: Social Studies Skills 18.B)
Alamo: Chronology  (TEKS: Citizenship 14.A)
Google Earth: explore, search, and discover, from Google (TEKS: Geography 5.A & B, 6.A, Social Studies Skills 17B)
Holidays in the USA: from timeanddate (TEKS: History 1.A)
Independence Day: internet resources on America’s birthday, from Education Place (TEKS: History 1.A)
The Life of Abraham Lincoln: an illustrated timeline for young readers (TEKS: History 2.A)
Martin Luther King Jr.: details the origin of the holiday honoring the Civil Rights leader, from History (TEKS: History 2.A)
Martin Luther King, Jr.: from Library of Congress (TEKS: History 2.A)
National Anthem: from music.army (TEKS Citizenship 14.C)
Official Motto of the United States: includes origins and background, from State Symbols USA (TEKS: Citizenship 14.C)
Patriotic Symbols  (TEKS: Citizenship 14.A & E)
Alamo: from EnchantedLearning
Flag Coloring Sheets and fact pages: U.S. and states, from EnchantedLearning
Liberty Bell: from EnchantedLearning
Statue of Liberty: from EnchantedLearning
Patriotic Symbols of the U.S.: from Ben’s Guide (TEKS: Citizenship 14.A & E)
Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. and Texas State Flags: from EDCLICK (TEKS Citizenship 14.B)
San Jacinto Day: from timeanddate (TEKS: History 1.A)
Texas Flags: and other symbols, from Texas Almanac (TEKS: Citizenship 10.A)
Thomas Edison’s home page:  (TEKS: History 2.B)