Teaching Activities
A Good or Not A Good? That Is the Question: differentiate between a good and a service, grades 2-3 (TEKS: Economics 9A)
Being a Responsible Citizen: from Utah Education Network  (TEKS: Government 13A,B&C)
Coming Up Short: no one has the resources to meet all of their wants, grades 2-3 (TEKS: Economics 9B)
Consumers and Producers:  econedlink, (TEKS: Economics 10A&B)
Continents: lesson plans, from The Teacher’s Guide (TEKS: Geography 2.6A)
Continents and Oceans: computer games, from Sheppard Software  (TEKS: Geography 6A)
Continents and Oceans:  word search, from Kids Puzzles and Games (TEKS: Geography 6A)
Create an Edible Map: lesson on maps, from Can Teach (TEKS: Geography 5B)
Create a Timeline: Students map the events of the year on a timeline (TEKS: History 2C)
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: By George, I Think I’ll Buy It!: make choices by using decision-making concepts, grades 2-3 (TEKS: Economics 9B)
Do I Really, Really, Need That!: helps students distinguish between wants and needs, grades 2-3  (TEKS: Economics 9B)
Find Captain Hook’s Treasure: lesson on maps, from HotChalk (TEKS: Geography 5A&B)
Good Citizen: lesson plans, from good citizen (TEKS: Citizenship 13A)
How to Make an Apple Pie: from Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank, (TEKS: Economics 10A, B, C)
I Want It All!: illustrates that our wants are unlimited, grades 2-3   (TEKS: Economics 9B
Independence Day:  word search and other activities, from Education Place (TEKS: History 2.1A)
International Pencil: development of a product from a natural resource to a finished product (TEKS: Economics 10C)
Kids’ House: learn about state government, from Texas House of Representatives (TEKS 12A)
Maps as Pictures of the Earth: students can locate land and water on a globe and map, from HotChalk (TEKS: Geography 6A)
Modifying the Physical Environment: from National Geographic (TEKS: Geography 8A&B )
Neighborhood Map: from National Geographic (TEKS: Geography 2.6B)
Neighborhood Services: students learn where places in the community are located and why these places are located where they are, from National Geographic (TEKS: Geography 2.6B, Government 11B)
Paul Revere: lesson plans, from Longfellow (TEKS: Citizenship 13B)
Storybook Maps: create a map based around a favorite class book, story, or poem (TEKS: Geography 5A&B)
US Symbols Match Game: from PrimaryGames (TEKS: Citizenship 14B)
Virtual Tour of the Texas State Capitol: from Texas SenateKids (TEKS: History 1B)

Web Resources
Abigail Adams: from bio (TEKS: Citizenship 13B)
Amelia Earhart: from Amelia Earhart website (TEKS: History 4B)
American Bald Eagle Information: from baldeagleinfo (TEKS: Citizenship 14B)
American Patriotic Music and Books: from USA Flag Site (TEKS: Citizenship 14A)
A Capitol Fourth: the history of the 4th of July, from PBS (TEKS: History 1A)
ePals: e-mail classroom exchange (TEKS: Social Studies Skills 18A)
Florence Nightingale: from Biographies of Women Mathematicians (TEKS: Citizenship 13B)
George Washington Carver: from History (TEKS: History 4B)
Google Earth: explore, search, and discover, from Google (TEKS Geography 6A&B)
Holidays in the USA: from USA.gov (TEKS: History 1A)
Irma Rangel: from Texas State Historical Association (TEKS: History 4A)
Independence Day: from US Citizenship and Immigration Services (TEKS: History 1A)
John Hancock: from US history.org (TEKS: History 4A)
Memorial Day: internet resources for Memorial Day, from History (TEKS: History 1A)
Make a Town: color and construct buildings to make a town, from Owl & Mouse (TEKS: Geography 5B)
Make a Village: color and construct buildings to make a village, from Owl & Mouse  (TEKS: Geography 5B)
Name That Patriotic Tune: guess which patriotic song is playing, from NIH (TEKS: Citizenship 2.14A)
Navajo Code Talkers: from about education (TEKS: Citizenship 13B)
Patriotic Coloring: printable pages for students to color, from Raising Our Kids (TEKS: Citizenship 14C)
Patriotic Songs of the U.S. Audio clips with lyrics (TEKS: Citizenship 14A)
Robert Fulton: from bio (TEKS: History 4B)
Sojourner Truth: Women in History, from History (TEKS: Citizenship 13B)
State Flowers: from state symbols USA (TEKS: Citizenship 14B)
State Symbols of Texas: from state symbols USA (TEKS: Citizenship 14B)
Texas Flags and other Symbols: from Texas State Historical Society (TEKS: Citizenship 14B)
Texas State Trivia and Official Facts: from Texas Senate Kids (TEKS: Citizenship 14B)
Thanksgiving: from History (TEKS: History 1A)
Theodore Roosevelt: from the Whitehouse (TEKS: History 4A)
Thurgood Marshall: Information on the Supreme Court Justice, from History (TEKS: History 4A)
Uncle Sam: from History (TEKS: Citizenship 14B)
The US Capitol: the building and its functions (TEKS: History 1B)
W.E.B. DuBois: from History (TEKS: History 4B)
World War II Women Airforce Service Pilots: WASPs from Wings Across America (TEKS: Citizenship 13B)