I Want It All!

Grade: 2 or 3
Class Time: 1 hr.

Focus: Write “unlimited wants” on board until board is covered or until students catch on to what you are doing.
Outcome: Students will come to understand that no matter how much they have, they will always want more.
Objective: The student will be able to create a list from various catalogues and magazines of all the things they would like to have. The student will be able to recognize that a human’s list of wants could be endless.
Core Competencies: Decision making, comparison, mathematical graphing.
1. Have stacks of catalogues, magazines, etc. which students can browse through to select items they feel they would like to have.
2. List teacher’s wants on board until students discover what you are doing. Explain to the students that you are creating a list of things that you would like to have. . .things that you REALLY WANT!
3. Select a couple of the items on your list and explain why you feel you want them. Talk about unlimited wants.
4. Ask students to follow your example by writing in their journal a list of all the items and/or things they would like to have. They may use any resource within the room: books, catalogues, magazines, newspapers, and of course, each other.
5. Put students in small groups to create their individual lists. Encourage them to talk to each other about their lists. Give them as much time as needed. Explain that the list could go on forever.
6. Students can also illustrate the items by cutting them out of old magazines or drawing each item in their Journals.
7. Bring the students back together. Talk about their lists.
8. Make a chart or graph comparing wants and needs.
Materials/Resources: Paper and pencils, journals, chart and/or graph paper,
magazines, newspapers, catalogues, etc.
Evaluation: Chart or graph; journal articles; Illustrations; oral comments
Extensions: Have more able students list ways they can get what they want. What type of education will it take? What type of training? What happens when the item is not available?
Vocabulary: Needs, wants, supply, demands, unlimited wants
Related Skills: Writing, decision making, graphing, mathematic computation, analyzing, problem solving.
Source: Berry, Jason and Murphy, Carole (1995). Elem. Educ. 253, Social Studies Methods, Univ. of Mo., St. Louis.