3rd Grade

Teaching Activities:

A Good or Not A Good? That Is the Question: differentiate between a good and a service, grades 2-3
Buying Center: provides an opportunity for students to buy and sell items, grades 3-6
Christopher’s Crossing: learn about Christopher Columbus’ first voyage (TEKS: History 3.1C)
Coming Up Short: no one has the resources to meet all of their wants, grades 2-3
Create a Timeline: Students map the events of the year on a timeline, from  Education Place (TEKS: History 3B)
Create a Timeline: how to make a timeline, from Social Studies for Kids (TEKS: History 3B)
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: By George, I Think I’ll Buy It!: make choices by using decision making concepts, grades 2-3
Do I Really, Really, Need That!: helps students distinguish between wants and needs, grades 2-3
Everyday Opportunities: lesson plan, from econedlink (TEKS: Economics 7B)
Harriet Tubman: lesson plan, from Scholastic (TEKS: Culture 14A)
I Am In A Pickle: relates opportunity cost to non-economic issues, grades 3-6
I Want It All!: illustrates that our wants are unlimited, grades 2-3
International Pencil: illustrates how a simple business operates and locations of places on a map (TEKS: Economics 8A, Geography 5C&D)
Jonas Salk: developed polio vaccine, from Jewish-American Hall of Fame (TEKS: Science 15 A&B)
The Kingdom of Throwaway: illustrates how much Americans throw away daily, grades 3-6
Kids’ House: learn about state government, from Texas House of Representatives (TEKS: Government 9B)
Lewis and Clark Expedition: from History  (TEKS: History 1C)
Opportunity Cost: explains why there is a cost to economic decisions, grades 3-6
Opportunity Cost Poem: the class writes a poem in economic terms, grades 3-6
Revolutionary War Music: songs accompanied by videos, including Yankee Doodle,
Toys for Me: lesson plan on choices and scarcity, from econedlink (TEKS: Economics 7A)
Using Grids: Students can create and interpret grids of their favorite rooms (TEKS: Geography 5C)

Web Resources:
1492–An Ongoing Voyage: Information about Christopher Columbus and his voyage to the New World, from Library of Congress (TEKS: History 1C)
American Tall Tales: from American Folklore (TEKS: Culture 15A&B)
Benjamin Banneker: astronomer, scientist, from bio (TEKS: History 1B)
Benjamin Franklin: scientist, inventor, writer, from bio (TEKS History 1B)
Bill Gates:  entrepreneur, from bio TEKS: Science, technology, and society 16A)
Bill Martin Jr: children’s author (TEKS: Culture 15A)
Carmen Lomas Garza: artist, from Scholastic (TEKS: Culture 15A)
Christopher Columbus: explorer, from bio (TEKS: History 1C)
Christopher Columbus’ Effects on the New World: from History (TEKS: History 1A)
Cities of the Dead: learn how the people of New Orleans adapted to the difficult physical environment, from Experience New Orleans (TEKS: Geography 4B)
Clara Barton: nurse, educator, from bio (TEKS: Citizenship 11B)
Cyrus McCormick: inventor profile, from the Inventors’ Hall of Fame (TEKS: Science 15 A&B)
Daniel Boone: explorer, folk hero, from bio (TEKS History 1C)
Ellen Ochoa: engineer, astronaut, from bio (TEKS: Culture14A)
ePals: e-mail classroom exchange
Founding Fathers: delegates to the constitutional convention (TEKS: History 1C)
Four Reasons People Came to England’s American Colonies: from the Classroom  (TEKS: History 2A)
Google Earth: explore, search, and discover, from Google
Harriet Tubman: civil rights activist from bio (TEKS: Culture 14A)
Hector P. Garcia: medical doctor, from utmb Health (TEKS: Culture 14A)
Helen Keller: educator, journalist, from bio (TEKS: Citizenship 11B)
Henry Ford: inventor, entrepreneur, from National Inventors Hall of Fame (TEKS Economics 8E)
Heroes of Greek Mythology:  from Mythweb (TEKS: Culture 13A&B)
How Do Volcanoes Affect People?: from Oregon State University (TEKS: Geography 4C)
How Pasteurization Works: from howstuffworks, (TEKS:  Science 16B)
James A. Lovell: astronaut, from bio (TEKS: Culture 14A)
John “Danny” Olivas: astronaut, from Google (TEKS: Culture 14A)
Jonas Salk and the polio vaccine: from A Science Odessey (TEKS: Science 16 A&B)
Juan de Oñate: governor, explorer, from bio (TEKS History 1C)
Juliette Gordon Low: philanthropist, from bio (TEKS: Culture 14A)
Kadir Nelson: artist  (TEKS: Culture 15A)
Laura Ingalls Wilder: author, educator, journalist, from bio (TEKS: Culture 15A)
Lewis and Clark: information from PBS Online (TEKS: History 1C)
Living in the Desert: from TIME (TEKS: Geography 4B)
Living With Volcanoes: from National Geographic (TEKS: Geography 4C)
Louis Daguerre: painter, physicist, scientist, inventor (photography), from bio  (TEKS: Science 16 A&B)
Louis Pasteur: inventor profile from the Inventors’ Hall of Fame (TEKS: Science 16 A&B)
Making a Budget: from Social Studies for Kids (TEKS:  Economics 6B)
Map of the Lewis and Clark Expedition: from Washington University (TEKS: History 1C)
Maria Mitchell: astronomer, educator, from bio (TEKS: Science, technology, and society 16A)
Mary Kay Ash: entrepreneur, from bio (TEKS: Economics 8E)
Milton Hershey: manufacturer, philanthropist, from bio (TEKS: Economics 8E)
Mountain People: from Mountain Professor (TEKS: Geography 4B)
Phillis Wheatley: poet, from bio (TEKS: Culture 15A)
Pierre-Charles L’Enfant: French engineer and architect, from Encyclopedia Britannica (TEKS: History 1B)
Red Cross: our history, from American Red Cross (TEKS: Citizenship 12C)
Ruby Bridges: civil rights activist, from bio (TEKS: Citizenship 11B)
Sam Walton: business leader, entrepreneur, from bio (TEKS: Economics 8E)
Scarcity and Choices: from Social Studies for Kids (TEKS: Economics 7A)
The Four Chaplains: the brotherhood of soldiers at war, from Home of Heroes (TEKS: Culture 14B)
The Impact Of Hurricanes On The Physical and Human Environment: from helpme.com (TEKS:  Geography 4C)
Todd Beamer: passenger on United Airlines flight 93, from History (TEKS: Culture 14A)
Tomie dePaola: artist, writer (TEKS:Culture 15A)
Wallace Amos: entrepreneur, talent agent, from bio (TEKS: Economics 8E)
Who’s On Your Money: from Credit Repair, (TEKS: Economics 6)