7th Grade

African-Americans: in uniform on the Texas frontier, from Texas History
Alamo: from History
Alamo Chronology 1700-Present, from The Alamo
Alamo Images: mission, fort, shrine, from Texas A&M University
History of the Alamo: Mission Period, 1718-1793, from Alamo De Parras
Lesson Plans: and worksheets, from The Alamo
The Alamo: the evidence, from Institute of Texan Cultures
– Virtual Tour: from The Alamo
All About Texas: historical information, cities of Texas, from Lone Star Mall
American Indians in Texas: at the Spanish Colonial Missions, videos
Archeology Fun Facts: from The Texas Historical Commission
Austin, Stephen F.: biography, from Handbook of Texas
Birds of Texas: from Texas Ornithological Society
Border Cities: Economic Competitors or Complements?, from Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Border Economy: covers many border related issues, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Buffalo: explore the many ways Indians used the buffalo, from Texas Beyond History
Buffalo Soldiers: black soldiers who served during the Indian Wars Campaign, from Texas Almanac
Caddo Indian: teacher resource index, from Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.
Caddo Peoples: native people ecnountered by French and Spanish explorers, from Texas Beyond History
Census: 1782-1940, statewide and by county, from US Census Bureau
Cinco de Mayo: Hispanic heritage, from History
Cinco de Mayo: from Mexonline
Civil War: The Home Front, Life in Texas, from TexasHistory
Civil War: Revisited, from Newspapers in Education
Constitutions of Texas: twelve documents, spanning 1824-1876, from Tarlton Law Library
Cotton in Texas: information and photos, from Texas Escapades
Counties in Texas:  from Handbook of Texas
Counties in Texas: from Texas Almanac
Dates and Definitions: for Major Eras in Texas History, from Texas State Historical Association
Documents of Early Texas: from Lone Star Junction
Resolution Annexing Texas to the United States: March 1, 1845
Texas Declaration of Independence: March 2, 1836
Texas Ordinance of Secession: February 2, 1861
Travis’ Appeal: from the Alamo, February 24, 1836
Treaty of Velasco: including Spanish transcription, May 14, 1836
Economic Regional Update: Texas economic activity, from Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Austin: Economic Indicators
Dallas-Fort Worth: Economic Indicators
El Paso: Economic Indicators
Houston: Economic Indicators
San Antonio: Economic Indicators
Exploration in Texas: from Institute of Texan Cultures (TEKS: History 2A&B)
Exploration in Texas: collection of stories about geographical exploration in the land that would become Texas, from Houston Institute for Culture
Export Data: from U.S. Census Bureau
By Commodity: top 25 export commodities for Texas
By Country: top 25 export countries for Texas
By State: exports and imports, to other countries
Export Statistics Express: choose Texas, from International Trade Administration
Global Distribution: of U.S. or a State’s exports, i.e. exports from Texas to each country
Product Profile: to a selected market, i.e. products from Texas to China
State-by-State: to a selected market, i.e. exports to England from each state
Famous Texans: list, from 50states
Fiscal Burden: of Illegal Immigration on Texans, from Fair
Flags of Texas Settlers: information and class activities, from Institute of Texan Cultures
Flags of the Texas Revolution: from Lone Star Junction
Forts: from Texas Forts Trail
From the Ground Up: West Texas Adobe, Teacher’s Guide, from Institute of Texan Cultures
Frontier Forts: in Texas, from Texas Beyond History
Gone to Texas: overview of 30 different cultural groups, scroll down to link for each group, from Institute of Texan Cultures
Google Earth: explore, search, and discover, from Google
Handbook of Texas: multidisciplinary encyclopedia of Texas history, geography, and culture, from Texas State Historical Association
African Americans
Civil War
Mexican Americans
Mexican Texas
Spanish Texas
Texas Revolution
Where: search alphabetical listing of communities and counties
Who: search alphabetical listing
Women: and Politics
Heritage Trails: interactive map of historical sites in Texas, from TPWD
Heroes of Texas Fiction: the Lone Ranger, Texas Jack, from Lone Star Junction
Hispanic Population in the U.S.: from Census 2000, U.S. Census Bureau
History Archives: from TexasHistory.com
House of Representatives: Texas House of Representatives
Your Representative: determine who represents you in the House
Hunter-Gatherer Foodways: at the Dawn of Written History in Texas, from Texas Beyond History
Illegal Immigration: and Enforcement Along the U.S.-Mexico Border, an overview, Economic and Financial Review, First Quarter 2001, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Indian Distribution: before and during establishment of Spanish Missions
Indians: tribes, bands, and cultures in Texas, from Texas Indians
Institute of Texan Cultures: wide variety of educational material about Texas
Interactive Quiz: Hispanic population in the U.S., from U.S. Census Bureau
Kids’ House: learn about state government, from Texas House of Representatives
Land Grants: search Texas General Land Office database
Land Grants: from Texas State Historical Society
Lesson Plans
Lone Star Junction: wide variety of information about Texas
Los Adaes: 18th -Century Capital of Spanish Texas, from Texas Beyond History
Lumber and Oil Boom Companies: in the 20th century, from Texas History
Magazine Features: variety of topics, from Texas Escapades
Mammals of Texas: online edition, from Texas Tech University
Money of Texas: from Lone Star Junction
Notable Texans Before 1900: from Lone Star Junction
Old West: from EyeWitness to History
A Cowboy in Dodge City: 1882
Encounter with the Texas Rangers: 1876
Oral Histories Online: wide variety of Texans, from Institute of Texan Cultures
Passport to Texas: radio guide to the Texas Outdoors, audio files, from Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept.
People Groups
Physical: regions of Texas, from Texas Almanac
Prehistoric Texas: from Texas Beyond History
Mountains and Basins
Plateaus and Canyonlands
Prairies and Marshlands
South Texas Plains
Presidents of the Republic of Texas: from Lone Star Junction
Profile: quick-reference demographic and geographic profile and comparison to other states, from Texas Almanac
QuickFacts: from U.S. Census Bureau
QuickLinks: population, demographic, economic, and housing information, from U.S. Census Bureau
Quiz: check your general knowledge of Texas, from netstate
Ranching Experience: Los Tejanos, teacher guide, from Institute of Texan Cultures
Recollections of Old Texas Days: by Noah Smithwick, perhaps the most interesting and most accurate of all memoirs about life in early Texas, from Lone Star Junction
Resolution: Annexing Texas to the United States, from Lone Star Junction
San Antonio Missions: lesson plan, from Institute of Texan Cultures
San Antonio Missions: Spanish Influence in Texas, extensive lesson plan from National Register of Historic Places
Senate: Texas Senate
Your Senator: determine who represents you in the Senate
Senate Kids: targets grades four and up, from State Senate
Capitol Tour
Glossary: terms used in lawmaking
Texas Trivia
Senators: colorful trading cards of members of Texas Senate
Shaping Texas: The Effects of Immigration, 1970-2020, from Center for Immigration Studies (TEKS: Geography 8B)
Send In The Cavalry: conflict on the Texas Frontier, teacher’s guide, from Institute of Texan Cultures
Six Flags Over Texas: from Texas Historical Commission
Six National Flags of Texas: from Lone Star Junction
Slide Shows
Smarter than a Texas 7th Grader: quiz, from Texas State Historical Association
Songs of Texas: from Lone Star Junction
Sons of the Republic of Texas: Mexican manuscripts, from Institute of Texan Cultures
Southwestern Classics: on-line books about Texas & the Southwest, from Lone Star Junction
Small Town Sagas: stories of robberies, romance, hardships, etc, from Texas Escapades
State Seal: from Lone Star Junction
State Song: includes lyrics, music file, sheet music, from 50 States
Symbols and Emblems: from netstate
Tejano Ranching: primary source material about two early Tejano ranches in Duval County, from Institute of Texan Cultures
Texans in the Civil War: biographies, graves and cemeteries, Texas Confederate soldiers
Texans One and All: collection of brief stories of 26 different cultural groups who came to live in Texas, from Institute of Texan Cultures
Introduction: and Teacher’s Guide
Texas Almanac: from Dallas Morning News
Texas Beyond History: excellent interactive and historical information
Imagine It: What was it like to live 500 years ago?
Nineteenth-Century Forts: and the Clash of Cultures on the Texas Frontier
Tejas: life and times of the Caddo
The Passing of the Indian Era
Trails of the Trans-Pecos
Texas: day by day, Texas State Historical Association
Texas Celtic Connection: wide variety of historical information, by Gerald Patrick Moran
Confederate Texas
Mexican Texas
Spanish Texas
Table of Contents
Texas Constitution
Texas Declaration of Secession
Texas Economy: from Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Data: links to data charts, graphs, and tables
DataBasics: walks you through the essentials of economic data
Texas Economy: weekly economic outlook, from Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Economic Indicators: more than two dozen measures of economic activity affecting Texas, updated monthly
Texas Historical Sites Atlas: from The Texas Historical Commission
Texas History: archives
Texas’ Indian Reservations: from Texas History
Texas Online: variety on topics
Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept: activities across Texas
Texas Place Names: derived from Indian languages, from The Texas Historical Commission
Texas Population Estimates: and Projections Program, from Texas State Demographer
Texas Ranger: Oral History Interviews, from Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum
Texas State Demographic Center:
Census 2010: Summary files
Descriptive Data Tables: by subject
Geographical References
Interactive Maps
Thematic Maps
U.S. Census map: interactive
Texas: the Lone Star State Today, teacher’s guide, Lesson 1, from Texas Almanac
Texas Time Line: Texas History, before 1500 to 1901, from Lone Star Junction
Texas Towns: from A to Z, general information, from Texas Escapades
Texas Trivia & Fun Facts: from 50 States
The Face of Texas: jobs, people, business, change, Oct 2005, from Fed Res Bank of Dallas
The Melting Pot: ethnic cuisine in Texas, from Institute of Texan Cultures
The Other Cowboys: traveling trunk guidelines, from Institute of Texan Cultures
The Texas Rangers: images and incidents, from Institute of Texan Cultures
The Wallace Brand: ranching by a black family, from Institute of Texan Cultures
Timeline of Texas: and the Western Frontier, 1836-1882, from Texas Beyond History
Treasures, People, Ships, and Dreams: from Institute of Texan Cultures
Triumph and Tragedy: on the Early Texas Frontier, 1813 Battle of Medina, from Texas Historical Commission
U.S.-Mexican War: from Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Site, National Park Service
War of Independence: 1832-1836, from sons of DeWitt Colony Texas
With Domingo Leal: in San Antonio 1734, 7 year old boy, from Institute of Texan Cultures
Workin’ From Can’t To Can’t: African-American Cowboys in Texas, from Institute of Texan Cultures
World War II: Internment Camps, from Texas State Historical Association