Commanding Heights

Commanding Heights: the battle for the world economy, competing views, includes excellent historical videos of world leaders and events, from PBS
Educators’ Guide: includes video of helpful suggestions
The following personal interviews cover a wide range of economic/financial topics:
George Schultz: views on Nixon’s wage and price controls, Reagan’s role in ending cold war, globalization, etc.
John Kenneth Galbraith: views on the Age of Keynesianism, Monetarism, Frederick Hayek, etc
Milton Friedman: views on freedom and free markets, the Great Depression, Reaganomics, etc.
Newt Gingrich: views on Libertarian Philosophy, Reaganomics, Contract with America, NAFTA, etc.
Other People: wide variety of views expressed by people interviewed for the program
Richard Gebhardt: views on Government’s Role in the Economy, Reagan’s tax cut, NAFTA, etc.
Up for Debate: offers alternative perspectives on key issues