Country Comparisons

Air Distances: between major world cities, from infoplease
% of households owning selected appliances in selected countries, from infoplease
Area: compared to states in U.S., from CIA World Factbook
Area and Population: mid-2001 estimates, from infoplease
Asia Profiles: compare social, economic, demographic and political data for Asian countries from BBC
Average Daily Temperature: in tourist cities around the world, from infoplease
Billionaires: around the world in a single map, from
Bribe Payers Index: ranks the 19 leading export countries for 1999, from infoplease
Capitals: capital city of countries around the world, from infoplease
Compare Countries: compare a wide variety of data for countries of your choice, from Nation Master
Corruption: investigate corruption by country/territory, from Transparency International
Corruption Perceptions Index: 2014
Other Publications
Corruption Perceptions Index: 2013 summary, from Infoplease
Cost of Living Comparisons: 2018 worldwide using Big Macs, from UBS prices-earnings
Countries of the World: basic data for each year from 1992, from
Country at a Glance: two pages of key indicators tracing trends in social and economic development over past three decades, from World Bank
Country Ranks: geography, economy, population, back to 1995, from
Country Statistics: top 10 countries in a variety of categories, from infoplease
Currency: name of currency used in each country, from infoplease
Debt: government debt worldwide, from
Economic Statistics: by country, GDP/PPP, GDP/PPP per capita, real growth rate, inflation, from infoplease
Economic Systems: world time-map shows changes 1910 to present, from Commanding Heights by PBS
Ethnicity and Race: by countries, from infoplease
Ethnic groups: from NationMaster
Exports: rank order by country, from CIA World Factbook
Food Security: from 2012 U.N. report
Foreign Currencies: use hamburgers to compare the value of currencies
Big Mac Index: July 2018, calculated by The Economist, from statista
Big Mac Index Explained: from Travelex
Burgernomics: using Big Mac Index to explain Purchasing Power Parity, from St. Louis Fed
Foreign Currency Reserves: map comparing countries, from Visual Capitalist
Foreign Economic Statistics: Consumer Price Indexes, GDP per Capita, hourly compensation costs, productivity and unit labor costs, from U.S. Dept of Labor
Freedom in the World:  choose country of interest, from Freedom House
– Freedom in the World: 2018 report, pdf file
– World Map: 2018
Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment: from 2014 U.N. report
Graph: make your own, compare countries, from NationMaster
Gross Domestic Product/Gross National Product
GDP: of countries compared to GDP of states in U.S., from Visual Capitalis
GDP: per capita, rank order by country, from CIA World Factbook
GDP: rank order by country, from CIA World Factbook
GDP: from NationMaster
GDP: total and per capita, 1999, from infoplease
GDP: from OECD
Human Development Index: explanation of this index developed by the U.N.
Human Development Index: from U.N.’s 2014 Human Development Report
Human Development Index: U.N.’s overall index for countries grouped by very high, high, medium and low, 2013 value
Human Poverty Profile and Index: in developing nations, from 1998 U.N. Human Development Report
Imports: rank order by country, from CIA World Factbook
Income Distribution: richest 10%, from NationMaster
Index of Economic Freedom: 2015 index, by The Heritage Foundation/Wall Street Journal
Country: individual country information
Download Map: shows distribution of economic Freedom, 2015
– Graph the Data: for data on a region or individual country
Freedom in the 50 States: from Cato Institute
Indicators: of a country’s economy, from the World Bank
Inflation: rank order, by country, from CIA World Factbook
Inflation: from NationMaster
Labor Force: rank order, by country, from CIA World Factbook
Languages: by country, from infoplease
Languages: 10 most widely spoken languages in the world, from infoplease
Largest: by area, from NationMaster
Largest: by area per capita, from NationMaster
Largest Cities: world’s 20 largest cities by population, estimates and census data, from infoplease
Largest Cities: by population in each country, from NationMaster
Life Expectancy at Birth: from CIA World Factbook
Life Expectancy at Birth: from NationMaster
Livable Countries: U.N.’s list of 25 most and least livable countries, from infoplease
Market Size: map based on 1995 GDP, from Perry-Castaneda Library
Material World: use family photos to compare life in selected countries, based on a book by Peter Menzel, from Exploris
Most: country rankings, from NationMaster
OECD Digital Economy Outlook: economic, environmental and social statistics, from OECD
Poorest: from NationMaster
Population: world and U.S., from U.S. Census Bureau
Population Pyramids: 1950-2100 by 5 year increments, world, regions, country
POPClocks: estimates of world and U.S. population, U.S. Census Bureau
Religions: % of population of each country belonging to religions of that country, from infoplease
Religions: in each country, from NationMaster
Richest: GDP per Capita, top 100, from NationMaster
Taxes and Social Security Contributions: 2003 for 70 major cities, from UBS
Territories, Colonies, and Dependencies: list of territories under the jurisdiction of another country, from infoplease
Unemployment Figures: by country, male, female, total, from infoplease
Work Time: required to purchase
Big Mac
Bread: 1 kg
Rice: 1 kg
Women Political Leaders: historical and current, from infoplease
World Debt: percentage by country, from Visual Capitalist
World Economy Chart: each country’s share of world’s $80T GDP, from Visual Capitalist
Urban Areas: world’s largest urban areas by population estimates, from infoplease