Economic Insights: from Dallas Fed

Adam Smith: Capitalism’s Prophet
Alexis de Tocqueville: Chronicler of the American Democratic Experiment
David Hume: Foundations of the Classical School of Economics
David Ricardo: Theory of Free International Trade
Economic Protectionism
The Entrepreneur as Hero
Frank H. Knight: Origins of the Chicago School of Economics
Frederic Bastiat: World-Class Economic Educator
Growth Comes Through Change and Causes Change
Hayek: Social Theorist of the Century
Henry George: Antiprotectionist Giant of American Economics
Henry Hazlitt: Journalist Advocate of Free Enterprise
Irving Fisher: Origins of Modern Central Bank Policy
James M. Buchanan: The Creation of Public Choice Theory
Jean-Baptiste Say: Foundations of France’s Free Trade Tradition
Knut Wicksell: The Birth of Modern Monetary Policy
Ludwig von Mises
Milton Friedman: Economist as Public Intellectual
Rediscovering the Value of Honest Money
Ronald Coase: The Nature of Firms and Their Costs
Schumpeter: In His Own Words