Private Rights to Property: Endnotes

Private Rights to Property
by John W. Allen

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Property Rights and the Role of Government
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Economic Systems
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Property Rights
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Private Property Rights and Freedom
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Private Property Rights and Prosperity
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Property Rights and Economic Behavior
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Private Property Rights and Social Harmony
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Private Versus Public Property Rights
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Real Estate Center: Dr. Richard L. Floyd, director. Advisory Committee: James L. Fatheree, Jr., Richmond, chairman; Patsy Bohannan, Midland; Guy Chipman, Jr., San Antonio; David L. Fair, Dallas; Doris Farmer, Longview; William C. Jennings, Sr., Fort Worth; Fred McClure, Washington, D.C.; Benny McMahan, Dallas; David L. Stirton, Houston; and James N. Johnson, Tyler, ex-officio representing the Texas Real Estate Commission.

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