Budget: taxing and spending decisions

Budget and Economic Outlook: from Congressional Budget Office
Budget Process: makes budget process more understandable, click on Federal Budget 101, from National Priorities Project
Current Projections: click on topics under Get Data, from Congressional Budget Office
Discretionary and Mandatory Spending: and other terms, Federal budget glossary, from National Priorities Project
Economic Data and Projections: for current year, from Congressional Budget Office
Historical Data: 1962-2025, The Budget and Economic Outlook 2015-2025, from Congressional Budget Office
Historical Tables: some data as far back as 1789, from the White House
PDF file: of entire set of tables
Individual Income Tax Shares: 2012, who pays the tax?, from Internal Revenue Service
Interest Expense: on outstanding national debt, from Treasury Dept
National Debt: to the penny, current and historical (1950-19991900-19491850-18991791-1849), from Treasury Dept
Tax Day in 13 Surprising Charts: from National Priorities Project
Tax Freedom Day: from Tax Foundation
The Federal Budget Is a Myth: from U.S. News and World Report
The Laffer Curve: relationship between tax rates and tax revenues, from The Heritage Foundation
Where Did My Tax Dollars Go?:  from National Priorities Project