United States Government

Best political sites: nonpartisan, liberal, conservative, from cnet news
Beyond Red vs. Blue: from The People and the Press
Budget: taxing and spending decisions
Bureau of Labor Statistics:
International Unemployment Rates
Labor Force Statistics
Local Area Unemployment Statistics
Capitalism, Socialism and Communism: comparing economic systems, from Invitation to Economics
Cartoons: political and economic, from The Cagle Post
Citizens Together: You and Your Newspaper, teachers guide, from Newspapers in Education
Classroom Clipart: royalty free for educational purposes
Clipart: from Mr. Donn
Contact elected officials :President, U.S. Senators & Representatives, Governors, state legislators
Diversity in U.S.: thematic maps, from U.S. Census Bureau
Debt: government debt worldwide, from howmuch.net
Economic Regional Update:Texas economic activity, from Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Austin: Economic Indicators
Dallas-Fort Worth: Economic Indicators
El Paso: Economic Indicators
Houston: economic Indicators
Permian Basin: Economic Indicators
San Antonio: economic indicators
Southern New Mexico: Economic Indicators
Texas: economic indicators
Texas: video updates
U.S.: economic update
Editorial Cartoons: teachers guide, from Newspapers in Education
Elections: teachers guide, from Newspapers in Education
Electoral Votes: map showing votes for each state, from Real Clear Politics
Energy Crisis
FactCheck: monitor the factual accuracy of what is said by major U.S. political players, from University of Pennsylvania
Foundations of Free Enterprise: basic characteristics of traditional, command, market, and socialistic economies
Free Trade: How Global Competition Disciplines Public Policy, from 2005 Annual Report, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Free Trade: The Fruits of Free Trade, from 2002 Annual Report, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Freedom in the World: annual report from Freedom House
Freedom in the 50 States: from Cato Institute
Geocoding System: get economic and demographic data for your local area, from FFIEC
House of Representatives: U.S. Congress
Your Representative: find/contact your representative
Illegal Immigration: and Enforcement Along the U.S.-Mexico Border, an overview, Economic and Financial Review, First Quarter 2001, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Index of Economic Freedom: by The Heritage Foundation/Wall Street Journal
Key Issues Index: conservative perspective on a wide variety of issues, The Heritage Foundation
Lesson Plans
National Budget Simulation: helps understand trade-offs policy makers face, from Nathan Newman
National Debt: of United States, to the penny, Bureau of Public Debt
General Information
FAQ about the Debt
New York Times: on-line
On This Day:The New York Times
Polls: political polling organizations
Presidential Election Map: 2016 interactive map, from 270 to Win
Presidents: of the United States, from the White House
Presidents: word puzzle part 1, from Puzzle Choice
Presidents: word puzzle part 2, from Puzzle Choice
Private Rights to Property: compares private ownership to public ownership
Search Bill Text: for current or previous U.S. Congress
Senate: U.S. Congress
Your Senators
Social Security

State Capitals: word search puzzle, from Puzzle Choice
Supreme Court: about the court, from official web site of the Supreme Court
Taxes: summary individual returns, 1986-2000, from Tax Foundation
Tax Freedom Day: from The Tax Foundation
Tax Story: illustrates tax cuts under progressive income tax system
Terrorism Around the World: covers wide variety of terrorism related topics, from Infoplease
Texas Online: variety on topics about state government
The Real Cost of Regulation: John Stossel, Investigative Reporter, ABC News
Time Magazine: on-line
United States Capital: informative web site maintained by the Architect of the Capital
U.S. Capital Virtual Tour: multimedia tour of the U.S. Capital
Washington Post: on-line
White House: take an on-line tour of the White House
World’s Most Repressive Regimes: 2007 report, pdf file, from Freedom House