U.S. History Studies Since 1877

19th Century: from Eyewitness to History
20th Century: from Eyewitness to History
Activities: using documents from the National Archives
Africa-American Experience: in Ohio, 1850-1920, manuscripts, newspapers, pamphlets, photographs, prints, serials, from Ohio Historical Society
African American Odyssey: a quest for full citizenship, from Library of Congress
Booker T. Washington Era
Civil Rights
Depression, New Deal, and WWII
WWI and Postwar Society
Americana: word puzzle, from Puzzle Choice
American Acquisition and Migration:1803-1890, from Frontiers by Library of Congress
American Currency Exhibit: includes images of currency and historical context, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
American Originals: collection of documents related to historical events, National Archives and Records Administration
American Originals II: additional documents categorized by historical period, National Archives and Records Administration
Annual Confederate Inflation Rate: 1861-1865, from Inflation data
Are We Running Out of Everything?: from Texas A&M University
Barak Obama: Biography of the nation’s 44th president, from History
Bill Clinton: Biography of the nation’s 42nd president, from History
Bill of Rights: information provided by the National Archives and Records Administration
Black Cowboys: meet famous cowboys and cowgirls of the old west
Born in Slavery: slave narratives, from Library of Congress
Budget: taxing and spending decisions
Buffalo Bill: wild west parade, movie made July 2, 1902, from Library of Congress
Buffalo Soldiers: black soldiers who served during the Indian Wars Campaign, from TPWD
Business Cycles: dates of recessions 1857 – present, from NBER
Charters of Freedom: Declaration of Independence, Constitution, from the National Archives
Civil Rights Movement
Civil War and Reconstruction: from Library of Congress
Civil War Era: National Cemeteries, honoring those who served, from National Park Service
Classroom Clipart: royalty free for educational purposes
Clipart: from Mr. Donn
Cold War: 1917-1991, CNN Special Series
Coolidge Era: 1924-1929, pamphlets, photographs, personal papers, from Library of Congress
Development of the Industrial United States: 1870-1900, activities, from National Archives
Dress Up: interactive, clothing Americans have worn throughout our nation’s history, from Memorial Hall Museum
Dwight D. Eisenhower: Early life and military career of the nation’s 34th president, from History
Emergence of Modern America: 1890-1930, activities, from National Archives
Energy Crisis
15 Minute History: podcasts for educators, students and history buffs, from The University of Texas at Austin
George H.W. Bush: Biography of the nation’s 41st president, from History
George W. Bush: Biography of the nation’s 43rd president, from History
Great Depression:
The New Deal: Revolution or Reform, activity, created by the National Archives
The New Deal: teacher’s guide, from Library of Congress
Out of the Dust: lesson plan, from a child’s point of view, from Library of Congress
The Dust Bowl: teacher’s guide, primary source set, from Library of Congress
He Never Wanted Land Till Now: manuscript, from Library of Congress
Grapes of Wrath: lesson plan, voice recordings, from Library of Congress
Great Depression: 1930-1939, from Scholastic
Great Depression: and WWII, 1929-1945, from Library of Congress
Great Depression: and WWII, 1929-1945, from National Archives
Voices from the Dust Bowl: 1940-1941, from Library of Congress
Historical Documents: and speeches, before 1400 to 2001
History in Motion: film clips of historical events 1903-WWII, from Eyewitness to History
Holocaust: includes animated maps and oral history videos, from United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
House of Representatives: Historical Information, wide variety of information, Office of the Clerk of the House
Immigration: 1830-2015 as tree rings, animated, from Visual Capitalist
Indian Music: includes audio of songs of the Omaha Indians, Library of Congress
Indian Stories: collected between 1876 and 1897, from Library of Congress
Internment History: internment camps for Japanese Americans, from PBS
Lesson plans: from Mr. Donn
Lyndon Baines Johnson: Biography of the nation’s 36th president
Millennium: a CNN Perspectives Series
Motion Pictures: history comes alive with early motion pictures, late 1800′ – early 1900s, from Library of Congress
National Archives: online exhibits
New Perspectives: on the West, from PBS
Newspapers: bfief history and links to additional information, from Phil Barber
On This Day: The New York Times
Oregon Trail
People at War: civilian and military contributions of Americans to WWII, National Archives and Records Administration
Political Cartoons: of the Week, from about entertainment
WPA:1936-1943, from Library of Congress
WW II: illustrate the power of persuasion, National Archives and Records Administration
Prairie Settlement: Nebraska photographs and family letters, 1862-1912, Library of Congress
Presidents: word puzzle part 1, from Puzzle Choice
Presidents: word puzzle part 2, from Puzzle Choice
Progressive Era: to the New Era, 1900-1929, from Library of Congress
Reconstruction: the Second Civil War, from PBS
Rise of Industrial America: 1876-1900, from Library of Congress
Ronald Reagan: Biography of the nation’s 40th president, from the Whitehouse
Reagan Years: CNN In-Depth Special
Spanish-American War
Motion Pictures: from the Library of Congress
Maps: from Library of Congress
Tariffs, Blockades, and Inflation: The Economics of the Civil War, from Economic History Services
Teaching with Historic Places: classroom-ready lesson plans, from National Register of Historic Places, National Parks Service
Era 5: Civil War and Reconstruction (1850-1877)
Era 6: Development of Industrial United States (1870-1900)
Era 7: The Emergence of Modern America (1890-1930)
Era 8: The Great Depression and World War II (1929-1945)
Era 9: Postwar United States (1945-1970s)
Trails of Hope: Overland Diaries and Letters, 1846-1869, includes maps, photographs & illustrations, from Harold B. Lee Library
The Federalist Papers:from The Library of Congress
The History Channel
This Day in History: Library of Congress
Timelines: U.S. History, from factmonster
Today in History:from HistoryNet
Treasures of Congress: exhibits of documents from a variety of historical events
Two American Entrepreneurs: Madam C.J. Walker
Vietnam War:
The Seventies: Time magazine’s take on the end of the Vietnam War, from CNN
The Vietnam War: from Digital History
The Vietnam War: from U.S. History
Timeline: from History
Voices from the Dust Bowl: audio recordings and photographs, from Library of Congress
Voices of the 20th Century: Theodore Roosevelt, Charles Lindbergh, and more, from Eyewitness to History
Who Is That?: identify Presidents from portraits and clues, from Family Education Network
Women: in The Progressive Era, from National Park Service
Women’s History Month Guide: teachers guide, from Newspapers in Education
WWI: interactive map, from The National Archives
WWI: posters, from Library of Congress
WWII: interactive map, from National Geographic
European Theatre
Pacific Theatre