U.S. History: Activities from National Archives

Historical Eras
Civil War and Reconstruction 1850-1877
Black Soldiers: in the Civil War
Comparing: Civil War Recruitment Posters
Debate Definitions
From Dred Scott: to the Civil Rights Act of 1875
How Effective: were the Efforts of The Freedmen’s Bureau
Letter: to President Abraham Lincoln from Annie Davis
Oh Freedom!: Sought Under the Fugitive Slave Act
The Civil War: as Photographed by Mathew Brady
The Civil War: Commemorate or Celebrate?
Was Reconstruction a Revolution?: Part 1
Was Reconstruction a Revolution?: Part 2
What Else: was Happening During the Civil War Era?

The Development of the Industrial United States 1870-1900
Reasons: for Westward Expansion
The Impact: of Westward Expansion
The Settlement: of the American West

The Emergence of Modern America 1890-1930
Artists: Document WWI
Assimilation: of the American Indians
Comparing WWI Posters: Urging Americans to Conserve Food for the War Effort
Extending Suffrage: to Women
Petition Against: the Annexation of ??? (Hawaii)
WWI America: Babe Ruth’s Draft Card
WWI Propaganda: and Art

The Great Depression and World War II 1929-1945
Activity: for Immigration or Citizenship
A Date
: Which Will Live in _________
America on the Home Front
Can You Figure Out: What this Document Is? Investigation into the Pearl Harbor Attack
The New Deal: Revolution or Reform?
The Night: Before D-Day
The School Lunch Program: and the Federal Government
Where Was: the New Deal?

Work Place Discrimination: on the WWII Home Front

Postwar United States 1945-1970s
A Call to Action: Responses to Civil Rights
Early Space Flight: The Gemini Program
Integration: of the U.S. Armed Forces

Space Race: Project Mercury
We Shall Overcome: March on Washington
What Kind of Leader: was General Douglas MacArthur?

Contemporary United States 1968-present
Apollo-Soyuz: Space Age Détente
Birth: of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Landing: a Man on the Moon
Lowering the Voting Age: Nixon and the 26th Amendment
Nixon Visits China
President Reagan: and the Cold War: Vision and Diplomacy