World Geography Studies

Ancient Currency: a guide to Money in ancient times, by CompareCards
Asia Now: coverage of current events in Asia by CNN
Asian Week: he Voice of Asian America
Classroom Clipart: royalty free for educational purposes, from Classroom Clipart
Clipart: from Mr. Donn
Cost of Living Comparisons: worldwide using the Big Mac
Country Comparisons
Earth Science Data Interface: view and download Landsat images, from Global Land Cover Facility
Explorers: word search puzzle, from Puzzle Choice
Exploring the Solar System: New York Times multimedia tour of the solar system
Former Soviet Union: maps from Perry-Castaneda Library
Foundations of Free Enterprise: basic characteristics of traditional, command, market, and socialistic economies
Games and Quizzes
Geography Resources
Global Connections: Learning about US and the World, teachers guide, from Newspapers in Education
Glossary: short definitions of key terms in geography, from National Geographic
Google Earth: explore, search, and discover, from Google
Grand Canyon: virtual field trip, from National Park Service
How far is it?: calculates distance between two places, from
Hungary Planet: what the world eats
Exhibit: from Nobel Peace Center
Index of Economic Freedom:  by The Heritage Foundation/Wall Street Journal
About the Index
Country: individual country information
Map: shows distribution of economic Freedom
International Data Base: from U.S. Census Bureau
International Pencil: an illustration of interdependence
Japan: The Modernization of an Ancient Culture, describes Japan’s blending of old and new
Land Use: how America uses its land
Bloomberg: by David Merrill and Lauren Leatherby
Languages around the world:
By Country: list, from InfoPlease
Languages of the World: use map for languages in a country, from Ethnologue
Most widely spoken Languages in the World: from Nations Online
Lesson Plans
Major Forces: Shaping Future of Global Economy, from Visual Capitalist
Millennium:a CNN Perspectives Series
Mountains of the World:
Everest: follow climbers as they scale Mt. Everest, from MountainZone
Multimedia: Katmandu, Namche bazaar, base camp, listen to Everest videos, from MountainZone
Music Instruments Quiz: from Squigly’s Games
News Papers: today’s front page from around the world, from NEWSEUM
Ocean Explorer: explorations, photo gallery, education material, from NOAA
On This Day:The New York Times
Photos: countries of Europe and the Mediterranean basin, from euratlas
Photos: from NASA
Rivers: word search puzzle, from Puzzle Choice
Satellite Photo: view of earth at night, from NASA
Search The World: Washington Post
Secrets of Navigation: from NOVA
Thematic Maps: choose the theme, from U.S. Census Bureau
United Nations
Visible Earth: catalog of NASA images and animations
Volcano: anatomy, from NOVA
Volcanoes: word search puzzle, from Puzzle Choice
World Factbook: comprehensive source of geographic data, from CIA
Xpedition Hall: National Geographic web site, wide variety of information