World Geography: Games and Quizzes

Arial Analysis Challenge: from CIA
Crossword Puzzles
: from Puzzle Choice
Ecology Quiz:from Knowledge Master
Find Your Longitude: using a watch, from NOVA
GeoBee: from National Geographic
GeoGame: match descriptions with corresponding cities, from Global SchoolNet
Geography Handbook Challenge Board: like Jeopardy, 1 and 2 player games
Geography Quiz: changes weekly, from Lizardpoint
GEOSPY: interactive game to locate continents, countries and states, from National Geographic
Geography Quiz: where are you standing, from World Atlas
Map Games: wide variety of games, from
Order Me Around: put geographic data in proper order, from Family Education Network
Photo Analysis Challenge: from CIA
Test Your Geography Knowledge: interactive maps, from Lizardpoint
Where Is That?: variety of regions and levels of difficulty, from Funbrain
World Exploration: from the CIA