World Geography: Rainforests

Activities: from Rainforest Alliance
All about Rainforests: on-line elementary school lessons, from Zoom School
Animals that live in Rainforests: information and pictures to color
Puzzle: interactive, correct answers create a picture of a rainforest
Rainforest Strata: includes printout that can be labeled
Where are the world’s Rainforests?
World map: color the Rainforests on this printable world map
Amazon: The Lost World, from National Geographic
Amazon Interactive: explore the geography of the Ecuadorian Amazon, online activities
Animals of the Rainforest
Animal Search: find the animals in the picture
Picture 1
Picture 2
Animals: colorful drawings, from abcteach
Canada:,¬†find out where it’s rainforest is located, from Parks Canada
Canoeing on the Amazon: interactive game Color the Animals: from
Butterfly (explanation)
Ecuadorian Amazon: interactive, from eduweb
Help with Rainforest School Reports: from rain-tree
How Rainforests Work: from HowStuffWorks
Java-Bali: eastern rain forests, from World Wildlife Fund
Journey into Amazonia: from PBS
Big Top: the canopy shelters the Earth’s richest and most diverse ecosystem
Enter Amazonia: information about the world’s largest tropical rainforest
Life on Land
Play Amazon Explorer: interactive
Powerful Plants: useful plants of the Amazon Valley
Waterworlds: seasonal changes have significant impact on Amazonia
Jungle Jeep: click-and-drag jeep parts to assemble your exploration vehicle
Kapok Tree Lesson
Kids Corner: from Rainforest Alliance
Killer Bees: interactive game, collect butterflies without being stung
Lesson Plans: from Julian Turbin
Lesson Plans: from kiddyhouse
Macaws: see video of macaws eating clay
Maps: of the world’s Rainforests, from Passport to Knowledge
Central America
North America
South America
Southeast Asia
World Map: from Missouri Botanical Garden
Manu: Peru’s hidden Rainforest, by PBS
Classroom resources: 7 different topics
Flora and Fauna: birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, rodents, plants, and trees
History of Manu
Native People: who are the Machiguenga
Trivia Challenge: 21 question quiz
Online Rainforest Tour: take interactive virtual tour or directed slide show tour, from Michigan State University
People, Animals and Facts: from Kid Explorers
Plant Adaptations: from Missouri Botanical Garden
 The Rainforest
Animals: see what kinds of pets and animals we have
Clothing: what do we wear?
Food: find out what we eat here in the jungle
Housing: what our houses look like
People: who we are and where we live
Playtime: come play with us in the jungle
Travel: there’s no streets, but we still get around. Here’s how
Work: the work we do to help out our village
Video clips: toucan cleaning his beak, the river, crocodiles, monkeys, green snake, etc
Rainforest animal: memory game, from National Geographic
Rainforest animals: from EnchantedLearning
Rainforest Concern: variety of educational material
Rainforest Education: interactive site, information, photos, games and puzzles
Rainforests Facts: from Rainforest Concern
Rainforests of the world: top ten rainforests of the world including photos
Rainforest Photos: from National Geographic
Sounds: 86 rainforest sounds, music, birds, mammals
Video Clips: from Kid Explorers
Warriors of the Amazon: from NOVA ONLINE by PBS
Last Shaman: meet the Huaorani and learn what a shaman is
Plant Magic: could chewing on pine or garlic or mint help if you are sick?
What is a Tropical Rainforest?