World History: Ancient Egypt

Absolute Egyptology: religion and dynasties, colorful
Library of Alexandria: from Britannia
Lighthouse of Alexandria: from Ancient History
The City of Alexandria: from Ancient History
Treasures of the Sunken City: from NOVA
Ancient Egypt: Activity
Brief History: from NOVA
British Museum
Egyptologist: Jacques Kinnaer, extensive information
Ancient Egypt: word search, from Puzzle Choice
Ancient Egyptian Agriculture: from Ancient History
Ancient Egyptian: Social Life, from
Ancient Egyptian: Society and Family Life, from University of Chicago Library
Ancient Sites: photos and panoramas, from NOVA Mysteries of the Nile
Animals of Ancient Egypt: from Ancient Egypt
Breaking the Color Code: what different colors meant to ancient Egyptians, from Ancient Egypt
Brief History of Egypt: from MidEastWeb
Cairo’s Recollections: articles, photos,by Samir Raafat
Egypt: brief history, from NOVA
Egypt: Throughout the Ages, from MIT
Ancient Egypt File:  photos and panoramas, from NOVA Mysteries of the Nile
History of Ancient Egypt: by Ancient Egypt
Hieroglyphs: learn what they mean, by NOVA
Medical Practices: in Ancient Egypt, by Jonathan Rosenfeld
Pyramids: by NOVA
Archaeologist: interview with Mark Lehner
History of Giza
How Old Are The Pyramids?
Mystery of the Bread Pot!
The Dig: learn about the excavation of Giza
Newsflash: April 22, 1997, Royal Clues Excavated

Organization of Excavation Squares
The Palace Hypothesis: ideas about where the kings lived
Scaling the Pyramids: compare pyramids to common objects
Who Built the Pyramids?