World History Studies: Maps

Alexander the Great: detailed map of his conquests, from University of South Florida
Ancient Maps: Index of Cartographic Images, illustrating maps from the Ancient Period:
6,200 B.C. to 400 A.D., from Henry Davis
Ancient Mediterranean: interactive map, 1400 BCE to 270 BCE, from Ancient History Encyclopedia
Antiquarian Maps: world, The Americas, Asia and Middle East, Africa, Europe, from Yale Map Collection
Charting the Nation: maps of Scotland, 1550-1740, from University of Edinburgh
Cold War Interactive Map: from Google
David Rumsey Map Collection
Early Medieval Period: Index of Cartographic Images, 400-1300 A.D., from Henry Davis
European History: set of interactive maps, from TimeMaps
European History: animated map, 2,400 years, from Visual Capitalist
Historic Overlay Maps: from University of North Carolina
Historical City Maps: American, European, from Yale Map Collection
Japanese Historical Maps: includes maps of Australia, China, India. Indonesia, Japan, and Russia, from David Rumsey collection
Lada-Mocarski Collection: historical Russian maps, 1562-1853, Yale Map Collection
Lanman Map Collection: historical maps ranging from 1511-1892, from Yale Map Collection
Late Medieval Period: Index of Cartographic Images, 1300-1500 A.D., from Henry Davis
Map Collections: wide variety, from Library of Congress
MapMaker: by National Geographic Society
Map Collection: world, The Americas, Asia and Middle East, Africa, Europe, from Yale Map Collection
Maps: from the Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection
Maps: free map downloads, from Ancient World Mapping Center, University of North Carolina
Maps: historical maps of Europe, Middle East, ancient Rome, and the world, from euratlas
Nautical Charts: from the Yale Map Collection
Old Maps: collection in the Library of congress
Panoramic Maps: collection in the Library of Congress
Periodical Historical Atlas: state of Europe, end of each century AD1 – AD 2000, from euratlas
Printable Maps: black and white maps suitable for printing, from National Geographic
Renaissance Period: 1500 – 1700, from Henry Davis
Resources: for Teachers and Students, from University of North Carolina
Roman Empire: interactive historical map, from resources for history
World Factbook: regional and world maps, from CIA