World History Studies: Religions of the World

It is only natural to attempt to compare the basic beliefs of one religion with those of another religion. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Not only are there many different religions throughout the world, within each religion there are typically a wide variety of interpretations of that religion. Matters become even more confusing when a person of one religious persuasion critiques the main concepts of another religion. Below are links to information about some of the world’s religions. In order to provide a wide perspective on these religions, some links reflect the views of members of that religion and some reflect to views of people from outside that religion. As additional links links that are deemed to be informative are found, they will be added to this page.
Thematic Map: distribution of major world religions
University of Omaha
Patheos: click on map to zoom in

Art of Buddhism: teachers’ guide from the Smithsonian Institute
Buddhism: history, from History World

Chinese Religions: and Philosophies, from Asia Society

Biblical Christianity: from Leadership U by Campus Leadership Ministries
Catechism: of the Catholic Church, from The Vatican
Christianity: from MrDowling
History: up to 1800, from History World
The Life of Man: from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, The Vatican

Christian – Muslim Dialog: compares basic ideas, from Answering Islam
World Religions: religions and percentages for each country, from InfoPlease
World Religious Index: compares six major religions, from Leadership U by Campus Leadership Ministries

History: from History World
Quiz: from quizland

Ancient Islam: from Quatr
Changing roles of women: in the Middle East and Islamic societies, from PBS
Concise History of Islam and the Arabs: from MidEastWeb
Culture: art, architecture, literature, from PBS
Culture and Arts: from IslamiCity
Faith: from PBS
–  Innovation: math, engineering, astronomy, medicine, paper & publishing, from PBS
History: from History World
Islam and Violence: Islamic scripture about jihad and violence, from Beliefnet
Islam and Violence: What the Qur’an Really Says about Violence, from Answering Islam
Islam Empire of Faith: from Empires by PBS
Islamic Banking System VS Conventional: from CNN
Islamic Studies: from University of Georgia
Prayer Times: based on date and geographic location, from IslamiCity
Profiles: Muhammad, Saladin, Mamun, Rumi, Mehmed, Suleyman, from PBS
Timeline: from PBS
Islamic Glossary:
Islamic History: in Arabia and Middle East, from IslamiCity
Images: seven historic places, from IslamiCity
Mosques Around the World: pictures and information
Quran: from
Ramadan: what is it, from about religion
Resources: extensive list of information, for K-12 educators, Center for Middle East Studies, Harvard University
Understanding Islam and the Muslims: from IslamiCity

Jewish Religion
Conservative Judaism: from Jewish Virtual Library
– Jewish Virtual Library
Judaism: from MrDowling
History: from History World
Questions: about the Hebrews and Judaism, from Washington State University
Reform Judaism: from the Union of American Hebrew Congregations
Torah: the foundation of the Hebrew and Jewish religion, from Encyclopedia Brittanica
Torah: the written law, from Jewish Virtual Library
Primer: from Fact Monster

Shintoism: in Japan, from History History