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Countries beginning with C

Calendars of the World:
Interesting Calendar Facts: from NIST

Monthly Calendar: shows holidays in countries, by Holidayfestival
Our Seven-day Week: from NIST
Our Year: from NIST
Variety of Calendars: from NIST
California Gold Rush: from PBS
Canada Teaching Activity: from canteach
Adam Smith and the Origin of Capitalism: essay from Commanding Heights by PBS

Capitalism, Communism, and Socialism: Origins and Evolution of Capitalism
Free to Choose: legacy of Milton Friedman’s book, from Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Hayek’s Road to Serfdom: essay from Commanding Heights by PBS
Milton Friedman: interview from Commanding Heights by PBS
Schumpeter In His Own Words: Schumpeter’s thoughts about capitalism, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Census Bureau: from U.S. Dept of Commerce
Civil Rights Movement
Civil Rights: lesson plans from PBS

Civil Rights: Activity
Civil Rights: Activity
Civil War: teacher’s guide from PBS
Classroom Clipart: royalty free for educational purposes, from Classroom Clipart
Clipart: from Mr. Donn
Cold War: CNN Special Series
Cold War timeline and other information: from American History
Cold War, What Was It?: from History Learning Site
Colonial Period: Diary Excerpts
Colonial History: from Revolutionary War
Columbus Quiz: from surfnetkids
Communism, Origins of: from infoplease
Commanding Heights: the battle for the world economy, competing views, includes excellent historical videos of world leaders and events, from PBS
Make a Town:color and construct buildings to make a town, from Owl & Mouse (Activity Page)

Make a Village: color and construct buildings to make a village, from Owl & Mouse (Activity Page)
Conquistadors: Teaching Guide

Constitutional Government
Constitutional Quiz: from Constitution Facts

Consumer Price Index: FAQ about CPI, from Bureau of Labor Statistics
Cost of Living Comparisons: worldwide using Big Macs
Country Briefings: from The Economist
Country Comparisons: compare countries of the world in a wide variety of ways
Country Comparisons: from World Factbook
Country Studies: in depth information, from Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress
Cowboys: Lessons
Crusades: Medieval Rhodes, the Knights of St. John

Ancient Cultures: timeline from
Currencies Around the World: list of currencies around the world by World Atlas

Current Events