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Countries beginning with F
Fact Check: current events
Federal Reserve
Federal Reserve Economic Data: FRED, excellent source of current/historical economic/financial data, create your own graphs, from Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
15 Minute History: podcasts for educators, students and history buffs, from The University of Texas at Austin
All countries:  from theodora

–  American Flag Jigsaw Puzzle: from Surfnetkids
–  Betsy Ross Flag Jigsaw: from Surfnetkids
–  History of the American flag quiz: from Surfnetkids
–  US Flag stamps jigsaw puzzle: from Surfnetkids
–  World flags: printouts, from Enchanted Learning
–  Australian: recipes from Food
–  Chinese: recipes from Food
–  Cuisines: recipes, 16 countries, from goodfood
–  Japanese: recipes from Food
–  Japanese cookbook for kids: from Kids Web Japan

–  Food in Every Country
–  French: recipes from Food
–  German: recipes from Food
–  Russian: recipes from Food
–  Swedish: recipes from Food
–  Twenty Delicious Foods: photos, different countries, from Regev Elya
Foreign Exchange Rates
Foundations of Free Enterprise: basic characteristics of traditional, command, market, and socialistic economies
Founding Fathers: biographies, from Colonial Hall
Free Enterprise: System Definitions and Characteristics, from Global Free Enterprise Center
Free Trade: how global competition disciplines public policy, from Dallas Fed
Free Trade Area of the Americas: from the Department of State, Trade and Tariff Database
Fruits of Free Trade: from Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Why Free Trade in the Americas?: from Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas