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Magna Carta: from History
Map Games Interactive: from Eduplace
Mapping History: from University of Oregon
Map Puzzles and Games
: for World Geography

Maps: historical maps of Europe, Middle East, ancient Rome, and the world, from euratlas
Maps: printable
Maps: for 7th Grade

Maps: for 8th Grade History
Maps: for World History Studies
Maps: of the Civil War
Mars Facts: from NASA

Material World: based on a book by Peter Menzel
Material World: use photos to compare 17 countries
Maquiladoras in Mexico: from
Maquiladora Industry: from Made in Mexico
Material World, compare countries using pictures of families and their belongings
Maya Activities: from Science Museum of Minnesota
Medieval Europe Websites: from EdTechTeacher
Medieval History
Medieval Period Recipes
Mediterranean Sea: from World Atlas map and facts
Mediterranean Map Quiz: from
Mediterranean Countries: from
Mercantilism What was it?: from Economist
Middle Ages: from
Middle Ages Teachers Lesson Plans (many resources)
Middles Ages vocabulary list
Middle Ages Teacher Guide
Middle Ages, Twelve Activities to Take Students Back in Time
Middle America
Middle East Countries Quiz Interactive: from lizardpoint
Middle East Chronological History: from Historycentral
Middle East Map: from Google
Middle East Map: from World Atlas
Middle East Maps: from Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection (all countries in the Middle East)
Millennium:a CNN Perspectives Series

Mongol Empire History: from History World
Moon Exploration: the Apollo 11 Mission from History Place
Mother Teresa: from
Motion Pictures: historical, 1891-1918, Edison Motion Pictures, from Library of Congress
Mount Vernon Lesson Plans
Monticello resources for teachers
Most: country rankings, from NationMaster
Museums: Art and Historical