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Countries beginning with P

Pakistan: from Time for Kids
Panama Canal Timeline: from CNN
Panoramic Photographs: from Library of Congress

Pearl Harbor: from History Channel
Pearl Harbor Attack: from Eyewitness to History
Pearl Harbor Attack from Japanese Point of View: from Eyewitness to History
Pearl Harbor Attack Teachers Guide: from Scholastic
Pentagon: from History Channel
Persian Gulf War: from History Channel
Photographs: U.S. History since Reconstruction
Photographs: 7th Grade

Pilgrims: from History Channel
Pilgrims: from Social Studies for Kids
Poland: from Time for Kids
Polls: political polling agencies
Pope John Paul II: from Biography
Posters: WWI, from Library of Congress
PowerPoint Presentations: economics, social studies related topics, from Dallas Fed
PowerPoint Presentations: history, geography, from Mr. Donn
PowerPoint Presentations: history, geography, government, from Pete’s PowerPoint Station
Prints & Photographs: online catalog, from Library of Congress
Private Rights to Property: by John Allen
Pyramids of Giza extensive resource
Pyramids: from Ancient Egypt
Pyramids NOVA online adventure: from PBS